At Marchand, Fairchild, Blais we provide creative professional solutions to the financial and risk-management challenges of our clients. In business for more than forty years, we treat our clients as friends, always putting their interests ahead of our own, and understanding that trust must be earned.

Our firm’s success is based on our commitment to build our business on a foundation of professional but personal service, and leading-edge competitive products. This translates into the provision of services that our competitors often can’t or won’t match, for example in the creation of complex international packages for small groups or individuals.

The business was started in 1968 by Paul Marchand. He was joined in 1991 by Page Fairchild, M.T.I., C. Adm., R.F.P., C.F.P. (previously with Royal Trust), and in 1995 by Jocelyne Blais, CLU: Paul, Page and Jocelyne are the principals of Marchand, Fairchild, Blais Financial Services. Our firm, in addition to our own staff, works with a long-standing international network of specialist professionals (for example, actuaries, lawyers, accountants, and management consultants) and overseas correspondants to enable us to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

Marchand, Fairchild, Blais’ clientele comprises small and medium sized businesses as well as individuals, and are typically North American based. From a broad spectrum of industry sectors, most have been clients of our firm for many years.